E-Brewery project aims to define new production models for an intelligent factory, based on an extremely innovative paradigm already being investigated in other areas (e.g., 5G cellular infrastructure): the “slicing” of a production plant. According to this paradigm, IoT devices and HW/SW resources of an intelligent factory will be virtualized and "dynamic service chain" techniques will enable the dynamic composition of services and their specialization to particular (present and future) identified production needs.
An enabling technology will be Fog Computing that will support the management (acquisition, processing in the Edge, storage, and so on) of data generated by IoT devices used across the entire production chain. It will be associated with efficient Big Data analysis policies and new sensors and IoT devices specifically designed to support the newly introduced production models. The latter will refer to the process of industrial production of beer, a fermented beverage today of great tendency and exponential expansion in many areas of the south of Italy, on the wave of a new behavioral pattern that sees this drink most favored by young people from all over Europe.