Smart Agent Pro is a powerful, flexible, and scalable tool for monitoring wireless network performance and services from the end-user point of view. The solution is designed for off-the-shelf android devices to collect in interactive mode real quality of experience data, allowing operators (or mobile virtual network operators) to improve customer satisfaction and quality of end-user experience.
Use Cases
  • Cell site service validation on 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G base stations
  • Run friendly and anonymous user trials with employees/staff in different work locations to get larger network footprints
  • Field test for customer complaints
  • Validate end user experience on public transport
  • Indoor testing such as shopping malls and commercial locations
  • Free WiFi zones analysis as possible cellular competitor
  • vSupports 2G/3G/4G/5G/WiFi networks
  • v Speed, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Browsing, Instagram, Spotify, File Transfer, Idle, Call
  • v Automatic test management for a smartphone “probe”
  • v APP statistics
  • v Tcp window size graphs and pcap files
  • v QoE troubleshooting, 3G and 4G Pollution monitoring
  • v App and dashboard customization, branding, on site training, yearly support