BeMyTester is a test and monitoring system for evaluating the quality of experience and service on mobile broadband systems. It has been designed to monitor and collect network KPIs on large scale in crowdsourcing mode through off-the-shelf android devices, allowing mobile network operators to improve customer satisfaction and quality of end-user experience. Thanks to thousands of potential on-demand workers using BeMyTester App, mobile network operators collect larger and specific network footprints

  • vMeasurements collected in strategic points (i.e. airports, offices, shopping malls, train stations, commercial locations
  • v Speed tests and network logging in active QoE monitoring
  • vPopups activation by signal level thresholds and network logging in passive QoE monitoring
  • vManagement of job notifications, job acceptances, surveys and pictures
  • vManagement of credits and final awards for single tester
  • vApp and dashboard customization, branding, on site training, yearly support
How it works
Active QoE Monitoring
Mobile Network Operator identifies a location for a job and creates a customer survey. Mobile Network Operator creates a job and offers credits for its execution. Job is displayed on the map inside the BeMyTester App. The fastest tester books the job, accesses to the location, starts the speed test, completes the survey if required, takes a picture and finally, uploads the results.
Passive QoE Monitoring
Mobile Network Operator defines trigger thresholds A popup is shown when trigger thresholds are exceeded. The tester completes location information and sends the result
Mobile Network Operator checks results and assigns expected credits. The tester converts credits in awards